Frequently Asked Questions

Who can use a Birth Center?
        To be a candidate for the Birthing Center, you must be a healthy pregnant woman with no medical problems or complications in your pregnancy.

Who cannot use a Birth Center?
        Women who have: uncontrolled medical conditions (hypertension, diabetes, thyroid disorders, etc), history of a cesarean section, and other risk factors such as morbid obesity or problems with asthma. If you have any further questions with regards to your eligibility for a birth center delivery, please discuss with your midwife. We would like to be a part of everyone's birth experience and encourage those whom cannot deliver at the birth center to deliver with us naturally at our local hospital, where you can still use natural techniques to help with labor pains, we even encourage women with previous cesarean deliveries to attempt a natural vaginal birth after C-section (VBAC).

What is a CNM?
         A “Nurse-Midwife” is a Registered Nurse who has completed her Master’s degree in nursing. She is certified by the American College of Nurse Midwives to provide obstetrical and gynecological care to women. Midwives are trained to be experts in facilitating normal vaginal deliveries, but collaborate with physicians for complications of pregnancy. Our midwives have 24hr backup by their supervising physician.

How is a birth center different from a hospital?
        Since we are only caring for low risk patients, we cater to the comforts of a natural delivery. We do not confine women to bed with monitors or IV’s. Women have unrestricted movement during labor and can choose positions comfortable to them. In addition, we offer women the ability to labor or deliver in the water. Birthing centers have emergency medical equipment available similar to the hospital, but in the event of emergency or need for continuous monitoring, you would be transferred to the hospital.

How is a medical emergency handled?
         Emergency equipment such as oxygen, suction, and code carts are available in the birthing center. Ambulances are used for emergency transport to the local hospital. The Nurse-Midwife will ride on the ambulance with the mother and our consulting physician will be evaluating at the hospital. For problems with the baby, emergency equipment is also available, including a transport isolate at the birthing center.

What cannot be done in a Birth Center?
         Epidurals, C-Sections, Vacuum deliveries, and any other complication of pregnancy that requires continuous monitoring. If pitocin is needed for induction or augmentation of labor, the mother will be cared for at the hospital.

Is it safe to labor without continuous fetal monitoring?
         Yes, it is safe. While continuous monitoring has become a standard practice at hospitals, research has failed to prove that it provides significant difference in outcomes for low-risk deliveries. We follow the recommended guidelines for intermittent monitoring as set by the American College of OB/GYNs.

What are the benefits of water labor and waterbirths?
        Water provides the comforts of relaxation and ease of pain. Often this will help lower the blood pressure, dilate the cervix, and ease strain on the perineum. It is safe to deliver a baby in the water because the baby does not take his or her first breath until the pressure change of leaving the water to air.

Who is the medical director?
       Michael Casal, M.D. FACOG; board certified in Obstetrics and Gynecology.

Who is the clinical director?
         Shelley Schumacher, CNM, ACNM and Ashli Randolph, CNM, ACNM are Co-Clinical Directors of the facility.

Will my insurance pay for the birth center?
         Most insurances recognize birthing centers as safe medical facilities for birth and will cover your delivery here just as they would a hospital. Contact us for specifics on your insurance. For more information concerning insurance please see the Fees & Insurance page.

How and when should I contact my Nurse Midwife if I suspect my water has broken or my contractions have started?
         You will be given direct contact to your Nurse Midwives at your orientation sessions. Therefore it is very important to attend all meetings & educational classes requested by your provider. You will also be given information as to how to tell if your water has broken or contractions have begun.

What should I bring with me for my birthing center delivery?

– Comfortable clothing for laboring, ex: nightgown, sundress
– If desiring to use tub or have a Waterbirth, some women choose to wear a sports bra or other personal preference.
– Slipper, socks, or comfortable footwear.
– Comfortable clothing for after birth
– Clothing for newborn and appropriate clothing/blankets to take newborn home in.
– Blankets will be supplied for newborn while at the birthing center, but some parents prefer to use personal baby blankets.
– Toiletries (ie. shampoo, body wash, Chap Stick, toothbrush, toothpaste, and any other personal care item)
– Carseat (State law requires that car seat is no older than 10 yrs)
– Snacks and beverages for both laboring mom and laboring support person (refrigerator & microwave available in each suite)
– If desired, personal electronics (ie: iPod, CD player, MP3, DVDs, and or CDs)
– Camera or video recorder

Where can I get my baby’s picture taken like the ones decorating the walls of Infinity Birthing Center?
We have asked local photographers to display their work in our facilities. Each one is labeled with the name of their creator. Please check out their artwork…
        Ellie Odom Photography –

         Arianna Parman - ​
        Captured Forever Photography-

        Memory Rodes -
        Timeless Images-
        Simply Posh Photography-
        Kelly Hardee

We would like to say a special “Thank You” to each photographer for displaying their creativity and for allowing our patients to view these beautiful pieces of art in the comfort of our birthing center. We know that whichever photographer you choose, they will work diligently to capture your precious memories in the way you most desire