Cason's birth was everything I had dreamed it would be. 

I woke up around 6:30am with a contractions. I decided to see how a shower helped things and they picked up in intensity. I called my midwife around 7am to let her know I thought I was in labor and we decided to meet at the birthing center at 9am. We got to the birthing center at 9:20am. My midwife, Susan, was there to meet us at the door. Right when I walked in I had a contraction and leaned over and Susan said "Now that's what labor looks like". We went upstairs and she checked my cervix and I was dilated to 6cm. 

Labor really was easy. Nice and calm. I didn't want anyone talking, especially through my contractions. Having it quiet I could relax and focus on getting through each contraction. I had Susan come in and check me to see if I was dilated enough to get into the tub, and sure enough I was at 7cm and she started filling the tub. I got in the tub and Susan told me to call her when I was ready to push.

When I got into the tub and there was some major relief. The water was especially calming, but was great with helping ease the pain. My husband sat in the upper part of the tub and helped me, which basically consisted of letting me brace myself on his legs. But that's exactly what I needed. My contractions were getting pretty intense and friend/photographer asked if I wanted her to go get Susan, but I told her no. Then, I had another contraction and told her to go get her. Susan came in and was getting things ready and my body decided it was time to push. About 5 minutes later Cason was born at 11:33am! I labored in the tub for about 45 minutes. About 6pm that night we were discharged from the birthing center to go home!

I had a few people ask me "So, what went wrong?". There wasn't a single thing that went wrong. Everything was absolutely perfect. Susan was awesome. She let me do my thing. Brandon was so supportive, I wouldn't have wanted to do it without him. Brittney, of course, captured this unforgettable day for me and did it beautifully. Would I have a natural birth again? Hands down 1000% would do it again. 

I am SO looking forward to delivering there again in October. <3 <3

Arianna Parman
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I am thankful that I was given the opportunity to give birth here as I live in Memphis, TN and there are not any Birthing Centers in this area. Infinity Birthing Center provided a wonderful birthing experience with their amazingly comfortable rooms and awesome staff. Jessica Simmonis, the midwife who delivered my little Michael, did an amazing job and it was a wonderful experience that I wish I had with my first two. Thank you guys for giving women a chance at having a natural, stress free birthing experience. I wish there were more areas in Tennessee that had these services and options for women.

We absolutely love the entire staff of Infinity Birthing Center. All have their place and their niche, the place where they make a difference in excited, scared, or perhaps even discouraged mommies-to-be. I saw this video and thought of the nurses who make the first hours of our children's lives comfortable, calm, relaxing... They help make it the best birthing experience EVER.  -Katie 
Having Adagene in the birth center was on e of the best things that I ever did. Everyone was very helpful and made me feel so comfortable and at home. I was only admitted to the birth center for an hour before I had my baby, but my midwife and nurse were so helpful and supportive after the delivery. I felt at home. I was able to spend every minute with my daughter while we were there. I struggled with breastfeeding at first, but the staff helped me through it. I am very thankful and blessed to have been able to have my baby at the birth center. If I have another child, I will definitely use the birth center again. 
I was growing very impatient after two weeks of contractions, then at 3:45 a.m. I woke up in TRANSITION! We rushed to the birth center just in time for me to lay on the bed and deliver! My little Finn was born at 4:57 a.m. His older brother looked at me and said "Land birth is a lot harder than water, huh Mom?" Then, my three year old little girl came over to hug me and said" You're beautiful mama, I am not having babies." It was a very exciting adventure, with the best reward at the end.
I arrived at the birth center at 8:10 a.m. Mrs. Lori was here and been here all night. Exhausted I am sure, but  she was amazing, her encouragement was amazing! When she checked me,  I was already a nine. We went to the Tuscany Room, she broke my water, I got into the tub, and before I knew it my sweet Jefferson was here. When I think back, if it wasn't for her and my husband's encouraging words I would not have been able to push through. I also have to say kuddos to Dr. Casal he brought me cold rags and water to drink. The whole experience was amazing.
We were blessed to deliver our precious baby in the delivery room of our choice at the Birth Center. While the delivery was tough and longer than we had hoped for, our midwife could not have been more supportive. We were not pressured to do anything we didn't want, and we were given positive encouragement every step of the way. After 12 hours of active labor in the facility, our little daughter was born. The treatment we have received through Infinity Birthing Center has inspired us to recommend it to friends and family as a great place for treatment and natural delivery. 
I knew from the start I wanted to deliver at Infinity Birthing Center, if at all possible. I witnessed the care my little sister received the year before and I was very impressed. I found out on March 25, 2015 that I was pregnant and I was so nervous, my husband didn't believe me at first, but then he was excited. He came with me to every appointment and every prenatal class. My estimated due date was November 25, 2015, and that day came and went. I was very excited and impatient, I did everything as far as walk, exercise, sit on my birthing ball, and I tried primrose oil. On December 4 at 5pm I started having contractions. We arrived at the Birthing Center at 3am. I was at 5cm (thank God, I thought) I was admitted and went into the tub. I was in so much pain at times, I did not believe I could do it, but my midwife and husband were constantly encouraging and reassuring me. I was in the bed at 8-9 cm and I had wanted to deliver in the tub, but by then it hurt too bad to get up. The Ring of Fire is NO joke, but I knew that meant it wouldn't be much longer until my little girl was here. At 6:25am and after 45 minutes of pushing, there she was - 7lbs 14oz and 20.5 inches long. I cried, instantly there were so many emotions - love, fear, relief, joy. Shelley and Priscilla were AMAZING. I will definitely be back . Thank you for providing such a wonderful place to experience the miracle of birth. ​
​I delivered at the birth center on 2/10/16. My Midwives, Mary Beth and Shelley, were great. I was very pleased with the support I was given by all parties involved. I would highly recommend Infinity Birth Center to my friends. It was well worth the experience.
I delivered at the birth center and thoroughly enjoyed my experience. After having contractions for weeks leading up to the due date, I decided to see how things were going on February 12th by getting checked by Ashli. I immediately called my husband to inform him I was 6cm. Our son was born less than 3 hours later. Shelley was extremely helpful in coaching me through the pushing phase. We loved the atmosphere and care we received.


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I had my daughter here in March of 2015. Everything went so smoothly. When complications arose immediately after giving birth, the midwife and a student she had with her were both so calm and competent at making sure the baby and myself were okay. I hope to be able to have a water birth with my next baby because my experience here was truly wonderful. I would highly recommend.