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Hospital Birth

Following a healthy delivery, mother and baby will stay normally for 8 hours, and then return to the comfort of their own home. A home health nurse will be visiting you in 24 to 48 hours to ensure the well-being of both mother and baby. Lactation support is provided by our nurse midwives. We will provide your newborn’s initial assessment, and you will follow up with your pediatrician of choice.

Water birth is a form of Gentle Birth, an evidence-based model of maternity care that respects the experience of the mother-baby pair. Water provides a calming and peaceful atmosphere to support a woman in labor. Benefits include: pain relief, relaxation, reduced blood pressure, easier movement, and possibly faster labor. Our jacuzzi tubs can be used for labor and/or delivery. Delivering in the water has been proven to be safe and beneficial. We are one of four birthing centers in Tennessee who offer water births. Our location is easily accessible from most of Middle Tennessee, much of Eastern Tennessee, and Southern Kentucky.

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Are you a Breast Cancer Survivor? Do you suffer from vaginal pain, itching, burning, or pain from intercourse?

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Throughout your pregnancy you will be followed by our Certified Nurse-Midwives to keep your pregnancy healthy. We specialize in individualized prenatal care but are excited with the development of new prenatal care groups. Many will find Group Pregnancy Classes not only educational, but fun as well. We are working diligently to incorporate this into our practice. Current, evidence-based care is our standard. We strongly believe that an educated, expectant mother leads to improved delivery outcomes.

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We are not able to perform VBACs at the Birth Center because we are a freestanding birth center, which means we are not located within a hospital; therefore, we do not have access to a operating room within our facility. However, we highly encourage mom's with a history of Cesarean Section to have a natural vaginal birth. VBAC patients can still have care prenatal with a midwife and still enjoy a natural birth at the hospital.


VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean)

Other Services

Infinity Birthing Center understands that going natural is not for everyone. Our practice also provides care for women wanting an epidural at the hospital, as well as high risk Moms. For more Information please see our affiliated website at Women's Health Services.

Natural ChildBirth

Postpartum Care

It is important to us that you have the birthing experience that you desire. The birth of your precious baby is about you and your family. Healthy, low risk pregnancies will be given the option of delivering at the birthing center. Here you will be in the comfort of a home-like setting with close, caring, one-on-one medical supervision by a certified nurse midwife (CNM). We abide in the philosophy of minimal intervention and allowing a woman’s body to determine the course of her labor.

Our facility was designed with you in mind. Our spacious private birthing suites are furnished with a comfortable queen-sized bed, Jacuzzi tubs, and equipment to help facilitate natural childbirth such as birthing balls. We allow for you to have freedom—freedom of movement, freedom to be with your family during this wonderful time in your life, and most importantly, freedom to be in control of your birth experience. Doula services are available. Physician consultation is available 24 hours a day in case complications arise.