Decorated to reflect the romantic artistic legacy of Tuscany Italy this luxurious environment will provide a birthing atmosphere of a grand hotel suite. Luxurious mirrors, marble, and fabulous drapes make this suite appeal to everyone.

The Cottage

The Zen

Decorated for a more relaxed calming atmosphere the Zen suite will send mothers into a meditative state. Based off of the Chinese culture this suite will open a path of enlightenment and experiential realization to help calm the body and mind during the natural laboring process.

The Tuscany

The Facility

At Infinity Birthing Center we want to provide you with the most comfortable, home-like, environment as possible.

We offer three beautifully designed suites, the Zen Birthing Suite, the Tuscany Birthing Suite, and the Cottage Birthing Suite. Each suite was uniquely designed to appeal to differing individual preferences. Each private suite has a family room, a bathroom, and the birthing bedroom. The family room offers comfortable seating, dining, and entertainment areas as well as provides a microwave and refrigerator for light meal preparations if needed. We encourage families to be involved in the birthing experience; therefore, the patient can have as many people present as we can safely accommodate. In the birthing bedroom you will find a queen-sized bed for your comfort. All medical equipment and supplies are kept out of regular sight in custom-made cabinetry that accents the room design and enhances the relaxing atmosphere. The bathroom is very spacious and offers a full-size Jacuzzi tub or the large round tub as found in the Tuscany Room, all tubs are used for water births or for relaxation throughout the laboring process and a private, full-size shower.

Watch a birthing experience in the Zen Suite

Decorated with warm and inviting charm the cottage room will wrap you in soft light and serenity. Delicate colors and beautiful bouquets of flowers allow for any mother to be surrounded by peace and love throughout the birthing process.

In addition to having a home like atmosphere, we also value the privacy and security of each patient and their family. Our birthing center entrance is protected by surveillance cameras monitored by staff. Access into the center is only obtained by staff members who have security clearance or if a staff member escorts you & your family into the facility. Doors to the birthing center can not be opened by the general public at any time. Additionally, the main building entrance is secured each night and the entire weekend. Only those with approved security access can enter the main building from outside during nights and weekends. These doors are also protected by surveillance cameras monitored by staff.

Other areas of the center include a small, non-intrusive nurse’s station, the midwife’s quarters and marketing office, the lobby area where Orientation and Prenatal Classes are held, a laundry room and a lab for staff use. A smaller, single-sized private room named the Observation Room which is used to accommodate an overflow of patients or to perform a patient evaluation to make certain of labor. You will also find a full-size medical exam room in the center which is used for home visits or to evaluate patients.

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